Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beyond Irritated by Town Hall Disruptions

I have lost my patience with the behavior of certain individuals at the recent town halls. These disruptions are blatant attempts to shut down discourse. And these actions are performed by people who are either stupid enough to believe that a public health care option would include something as ridiculous as "death panels" or unethical enough to spread these lies because they believe that anything is justified in their goal of derailing health care reform. But what really gets under my skin is the silence of the allegedly rational individuals on the right who should be coming forward to lay the smack down on those in their party who excuse, advocate, or (worst of all) organize these actions.

It's about a public health care OPTION, folks. If you don't have health insurance, you will have the OPTION to select the public plan. If you have insurance, you will be able to keep it. There will NOT be anything like a "death panel." Anyone telling you that this will happen is lying to you. As for concerns of how to pay for it, you're already paying (in many ways) for everyone who doesn't have health insurance, and it's only going to get worse. We taxpayers will be paying either way. I would rather pay for every citizen to have health insurance coverage and be proud of my country's public option than pay for the consequences of failing to provide our citizens with this basic right and continue to feel ashamed of our lack of such an option. And by the way, a public option is NOT socialism. As much as we would benefit from a more socialist approach to many social problems, we will be no closer to socialism with a public health care option than we are now with the Medicare option for senior citizens. So let's stop the nonsense and get down to the business of figuring out HOW, not if, we should do this.

If you haven't seen this yet, check out Jon Stewart Vs. Town Hall Crazies on The Huffington Post. Awesome.


followthatdog said...

During the campaign I called the McCain camp and offered to volunteer. I had a specific goal in mind. I offered to teach them what socialism is since they were tossing the word about with no regard for the meaning. I told them it essentially made them look like the assholes they were and prevented an intelligent debate. Oddly enough, they never took me up on it. Hmmm.
Now the town hall crazies are saying the discussion, not even a firm plan, is a "Nazi policy." WTF? I can't believe these people even have enough brain cells working to survive. I'm sick of it. I have a hard time understanding how creating options for access to health care that would improve the overall health of our citizenry, reduce the cost and provide coverage to the estimated 47 million Americans who are currently locked out of receiving health care due to lack of insurance is a fascist policy.

Kat said...

Oh how I agree!!

Kaza said...

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