Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trying a Bullet Post

Everyone seems to apologize for bullet posts, yet I enjoy reading them, so why not give it a try? I’m not sure how the formatting works, so I’m trying a cut & paste from a Word document.

* I have a cold.
* It’s not that bad, but I still whine a lot about it.
* Only on my blog and Twitter though. I don’t whine much at home.
* The Little One is interrupting me about every 20 minutes this afternoon.
* It’s making me crazy. I’m not a jack-in-the-box. I’m a mommy.
* It’s 3:00 again. How did this happen? Another day ran away from me.
* Bullet lists are easier than writing a real post.
* Maybe bullet lists are responsible for Twitter?
* It makes sense. Short bursts of thoughts and all.
* Little One is playing “computer” w/ an old keyboard and a Build-A-Bear box.
* She’s acting like me, getting impatient with her stuffed animal “child.”
* I'm so busted.
* Nothing like your kid imitating you to make you feel like a crap mom.
* But seriously, no one can do anything if interrupted every 20 minutes.
* Except maybe a bullet post.


AnnetteK said...

Well done! I love bullet posts too. But you already knew that about me. ;)

Kellee said...

I keep trying to comment on your posts (Am happy to see you at it again!), and it keeps crashing my computer. I shall give this another shot though!!! I also love the bullet posts. I enjoyed that, they are so easy to read, and often quite funny. Don't feel like crap, patience is not endless. :D

followthatdog said...

love it. though to be honest, if you removed the bullets, it would still be a completely acceptable post.

debra said...

Bullet posts are just the thing sometimes. Good job!