Monday, May 18, 2009


I’ve put myself on vacation this week. We aren’t going anywhere, so it isn’t a real vacation, but I needed a way to ensure that I wouldn’t even open my work email for an entire week. (Even though it's summer break and I'm technically on leave for three months, I usually check email daily and reply to any queries from students, colleagues, administration, etc.). I enabled the vacation auto-reply feature on Friday afternoon and have not checked it since. I was tempted to check it this morning, just to see what’s in there (no doubt students complaining about grades), but resisted the impulse.

I have needed to get things in serious order in this house for ages, and I promised myself to do just that first thing this summer. We’ve begun with a redesign of our home office space, which doubles as a guest room. It’s never looked quite right, and neither of us liked to spend much time in there, so now that the rest of the house is pretty much finished it’s time to tackle it. We put in two bookcases, bought a new bedset for the guest bed, and cleared all of the junk out. Now I’m populating the bookcases, freeing our books from the closet shelf exile they’ve endured since we moved here (in 2006!). Then I’ll have to tackle the dreaded office closet, into which every miscellaneous item has been shoved for those same three years. Gulp. This is going to take courage. And endurance. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: It took me ALL DAY just to organize the books and get them in the shelves. I would never have believed it would take that long. Of course it could have been the completely obsessive way I organized them by type, size, and color before putting them in. And then the fact that the kidlet insisted on placing each and every one (at least she followed my instructions, so I didn't have to re-do). But we had fun with it, and I put on some old tunes (cassette tapes I found in the closet) and we danced and sang like lunatics. (I haven't done that in ages, and discovered that a 4-year-old is your best companion for such antics.)


Kellee said...

That is exactly the kind of thing I would do. All of my dvds are in alphabetical order. I have a large collection of Companion Libary double books for about 50 years ago that are all organized by color. My other books are all groups together by author/size/genre. LOL At the end of the day, it works! At least you can find our stuff and you like the way it looks, especially if you loove your books :)

Kellee said...

I just left you a comment here and it's not showing up. WTH!?!

Kaza said...

No clue why Blogger made me approve these comments (I don't use that feature at all). Sorry! Just saw them!