Thursday, May 21, 2009

Serious Laziness

That's what's going on around here... nothin' but laziness. But I'm not very good at it anymore somehow. I puttered around yesterday for hours trying to begin various activities but couldn't get anything started. The office redesign took all of my energy, but also resulted in chaos in nearly every other room because I had piled all of the junk from the office in the dining room and laundry room and tore apart two closets to get all of the books out. On Monday I had so much energy that I figured I would spend the rest of the week doing the closets and other rooms. HA! I seemed to have forgotten that I am nearly 42, not 24, and the old girl tuckers out more quickly now. Particularly at the end of the academic year, when I'm just fried.

Somewhere around 4:00 I finally settled into my favorite chair and opened a book (Appetite for Life, a fantastic biography of Julia Child, which is a dense but delicious book that I started reading about three summers ago and am finally about to finish). And I realized that this was precisely what I should have done hours before, when I first felt the utter torpidity take over my being.

We (and when I say "we," I mean my husband) finished the day by grilling thick salmon fillets. (FYI for spelling freaks like me: In the previous sentence I first typed filet, but it looked wrong, and so I googled both words and discovered that filet and fillet are actually interchangeable.) We devoured them with copious amounts of risotto and a bit of salad and bread, and collapsed onto the couch to watch the latest episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey (yo!).

So what will today bring? Will I have the energy to tackle a closet or clean the clutter on my dining room table? Or will I give up and sit my butt down in my reading chair and finish that book? Stay tuned for the exciting developments...


Kat said...

Your dinner sounds delicious!!

Thanks for the spelling lesson too :) I have only seen it spelled filet.

Kellee said...

I find that when I give up and give myself permission to do nothing, I end up accomplishing more done in the long run. It's good to give yourself a break and revel in enjoying yourself, and I don't think that is lazy! And I agree with Kat, that does sound yummy. :)