Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mama's Day!!!

I am having the most wonderful Mother's Day yet. They've all been great, but this year has been idyllic. They let me sleep until I wanted to get up (I made it all the way to 9:30, which is hilarious considering I was still capable of sleeping past noon before I had the Little One, even at age 35!). They fed me orange rolls and coffee. The Little One gave me the most beautiful handmade cards a 4-year-old has ever made (I know some of you might want to challenge me on this, but it's simply true). She gave me tons of hugs all day long and continued to make drawings. She and her daddy let me watch chick t.v. and read my book. Her daddy popped the champagne for me (real champagne, Perrier-Jouet!) at 5:00, and I've had two glasses already. (Mmmmmm.) He is now making me salsa, and after the Little One goes to bed (she falls asleep early on no-nap days like this) he'll make me fish tacos, I'll drink yet more delicious champagne, and we'll watch a movie together (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, my request). It's pretty much perfect.

This age is so great. At 4, she's so amazing, so capable, so helpful, so much fun, and my only complaint is that she sometimes gets too chatty. But she's such a good girl that if we tell her we need her to stoptalkingconstantlyforawhile, she gamely occupies herself with a quieter task or goes into her room to continue the chatter to her dolls and stuffed animals. She was really into making this a great Mother's Day for me, and I have loved every moment. I'm soaking it up, because I know it won't always be this way.

I must say though that my heart is with those in our mommyblogger family who have experienced devastating losses lately. I only just found out about two such events, and my heart is a bit heavy for them today. It must be really difficult. As it must be for those of you who have lost your own mothers. Or for those who long to be mothers but aren't yet, or wanted to but never could. I know it isn't a happy day for everyone.

To all of my fellow mommybloggers... Happy Mother's Day to each of you!


catnip said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too sweetie. I'm glad you had a wonderful one! I did too. :)

followthatdog said...

I slept in all the way to 8:00. Weird how motherhood has transformed me into an early riser.
I know know what you mean about the heavy heart. Since reading about those families and their losses, I've been thinking about them so often. I guess one of the great things about blogging is discovering the community of bloggers, but it comes with the downside of also discovering the great sadnesses in many lives.

Does Anybody Hear Me said...

Treasure those moments with the hand made cards and kisses--it goes by way too fast.
I am glad you had a great Mother's Day!