Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unofficial Hiatus

Things are just crazy. Some of it is good, a bit not so good, and a bit is great, but all in all it just makes for no time for anything but what absolutely must be accomplished in a day. It's going to calm down soon, but not just yet.

I miss my bloggy friends.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not Giving Up on This Thing Yet

But I'm tempted. I think it's time to opt for the whole "guilt-free" blogging ethos. I've waited for life to settle down enough to get back into blogging more regularly, but it doesn't seem that's going to happen. So I'd best just make peace with the fact that blogging is going to be an irregular thing for me. And really, who cares except me anyway?

What I miss most is reading all of YOUR blogs, and that too is something I have less and less time for lately. I was hoping to do some of that today actually, but as luck would have it, I've spent my day off with a sick Little One on my lap. I always know when her fever goes over 101, because that's when she stops her usual constant activity and plops down on my lap for the duration.

She woke up with a cough and low grade fever yesterday. We had an afternoon appointment to see the doctor for a flu shot (yes, very late, but still worth doing, or so we were told), and he said her symptoms were purely viral and the fever was low enough to proceed with the shot. I got mine first (it was only fair), and she bravely took hers. All seemed well, but then her fever spiked in the middle of the night, and hasn't come down since. It's been as low as 100 and as high as 103.5, but the hospital's health nurse said it's within the normal range of a reaction to the flu shot.

That's when I recalled that this is her normal pattern. She hasn't had any sort of vaccination for awhile, as she's in those in-between years and we skipped the flu shot the last two years. So I had forgotten that she normally reacts with a fever to any sort of vaccine. If I had remembered, I probably would have put it off until next week to let the virus clear out first.

As for me, my arm hurts like hell and I can't move it normally, and I have a headache, but otherwise I've escaped much of a reaction to my shot. The kidlet has coughed or sneezed in my face a dozen times today though, so I'm sure I'll get the virus within a few days. Lovely.

I hate it when she feels so sick. I wish I could pull the fever out of her and into me. She did finally perk up a couple of hours ago, and the fever is just below 101 now. She's watching a taped episode of Sesame Street and eating graham crackers. I'm waiting for the fever to spike again. She's on the whole alternating doses of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen every 3 hours routine, and as usual the Ibuprofen works great but the other does next to nothing, so the second three hours are the suckiest. We're about to hit that point, so I'll soon know if we're on the downhill side of this thing or if the fever will keep spiking.

This too shall pass. Soon we'll be back to the normal routine. Busy, but healthy, and happy. And thank the heavens for that.

UPDATE: Her temp just now was normal!!! (On Tylenol, but still...) I think the worm has turned! Woo-hoo!