Saturday, January 17, 2009

Time for Renewal

I have always loved January. It begins with the un-decorating, which I think I enjoy even more than Xmas decorating. I then inevitably feel the irresistible compulsion to organize the entire house, including an in-depth evaluation of nearly every item we own to identify potential charity donations. I've been particularly exhaustive with it this year: if we don't absolutely use it, need it, or love it, we must TOSS it. It's a process that has turned into a philosophy for my life this year, and it seems rather appropriate given the circumstances of our times. I feel strongly that we must give away what we no longer use or need, and that our lives should become more streamlined and decluttered.

It's a philosophy that is also in line with the upcoming regime change in this country. I am feeling such anticipation about Tuesday. I cannot believe that the day of renewal and rebirth for our country is just days away. I wish our family could be in DC to see it all firsthand, but duty calls on the work front, so we'll be here doing the usual thing. It seems like we should have a national holiday for the occasion though, doesn't it?

This weekend I'm finishing all the big cleanout, so by Tuesday every object and each piece of paperwork should be in its place. After two years in this house, we'll finally be fully organized. And THEN what will I do with my weekends? ;)

Happy New Year everyone. I have a really good feeling about 2009.


Kat said...

Hey there sweetie!!

Love the new profile pic - very sex-ay. I too have been doing a huge clean out. Did you hear I am moving? Yep, this Wisconsin lassie is no more. Now I will be an IL flatlander. It's not ireland but I am getting closer!! ha ha

Ann said...

Here you are!!!
Yep. I'm cleaning out too! (If only you and Kat and I lived in the same neighborhood we could set-up a huge Garage Sale.)
Now, about your list. You asked about a color that starts with 'K'. How about Khaki?
I'm so-o-o-o glad you were here for the Virtual GNO!!!

catnip said...

You can always blog on the weekends. ;) Miss you! xoxo