Saturday, December 27, 2008

I. Hate. Packing.

We are leaving tomorrow to visit my husband's family. Because we are insane. Honestly who plans a family trip AFTER Christmas? You're supposed to be going HOME after Christmas. It's all my fault though. I insist that the Little One be able to have Christmas morning in her own home, so she won't have to worry about Santa finding her. (Plus it's much easier to create the magic on your own turf.) So if it's our turn to travel, we must do so after Xmas. And that, my friends, is why I'm spending the day doing laundry, dishes, and worst of all... PACKING.

I'm an excellent unpacker. I love nothing more than getting home and putting everything away. But preparing for a trip? It makes me shake with anxiety. I'm not entirely certain why. It isn't about forgetting something. I'm a compulsive listmaker, so that's easily handled. I think it's the overwhelming nature of the task. Figure out what you cannot live without for six days and get it all stuffed into a suitcase. This means I need to plan outfits ahead of time... ack!

I was already bad at packing before the Little One was born. And then I became a mother, and had to think of everything for another little human being as well. I came to dread packing even more. Because I am the woman who always forgets something essential for the baby. Even on the briefest outings. I remember marveling at the level of preparedness my fellow mamas in our playgroup displayed consistently. They never seemed to forget anything. Not me. I would forget extra diapers, or formula, or snacks, or a bib, or a change of clothes. I had the worst case of mommy brain never recorded. So you can imagine what packing for an ENTIRE trip did to me.

It's much easier now. In fact, I am dancing a little jig today because I realized that this will be the first trip ever for which I will not have to pack any special cups, utensils, bibs, or foods. My almost-4-year-old is a little girl now, who can drink out of a normal cup and eat a variety of normal foods and keep her clothes relatively clean and use the bathroom reliably. The ONLY remnant of her toddler days is the continuing need for a nighttime Pull-Up training pant, and those can just be popped into her suitcase. (And are easily replaced when I inevitably forget to pack them!)

Well, now you know what gets me back to blogging... procrastination! All semester I was too busy to procrastinate (that sounds impossible, but when you're just putting out fires left and right, so to speak, you have no time to avoid your work!), so now that I have a moment to breathe, I'm avoiding the dreaded packing job by blogging instead. But it's time now to change the laundry, so I guess I'll get on with it. Whatever you're each up to today, I hope it's not packing!


Shanna said...

Safe travels and thank goodness for the availability of Pull Ups! ;)

Does Anybody Hear Me said...

I wish you a safe trip! For years I hated Christmas--we were always on the road going 'home' from wherever the military had us living at the time. I spent the week before Christmas packing, the week after unpacking.
Retirement is much better--no more traveling.

followthatdog said...

We should team up. I'm an excellent packer. Putting stuff away, well that's a whole other ball of wax. Let's just say the bags we took to Portland for Christmas are not yet unpacked, they've just been moved around a bit.

Rhonda said...

I hate packing too, but only because somewhere along the way I became responsible for packing everyone. WTF is up with that?

Happy New Year! Hope you had a nice trip.

Ann said...

Isn't that one of the weirdest feelings. The realization that you don't need to pack all of the "little people" things and go light.
I remember that time and it made me a bit teary.
Recently my oldest became the right height/weight/age to legally sit in the front passenger seat. It's just so weird!!!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

I am the WORST packer EVER. Sure, I can get all the clothes out, but put them in the suitcase efficiently? NO WAY. That's Hubby's job. So I organize, he packs.