Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Marvelous Work-at-Home Day

I wanted to take the day off completely, but in the end this would have created more stress, so I decided to just work from home. The hubster has meetings all day and then a work dinner, so to save him some time and hassle I also decided to keep the Little One home with me. It's an ill-advised plan for accomplishing much, but she's always so excited to get to stay home with mama that I can never resist the opportunity to surprise her with a spontaneous day off. My announcement was met with the expected reaction last night, when I decided to tell her the news. I had just told her to go choose her jammies for the night when she fell down on the ground in protest, wanting yet more playtime. When I said "You can play more tomorrow" she kicked the floor and wailed "But tomorrow is a schooool daaay!" So I told her I was keeping her home with me and she leapt up to cheer and hug me.

Our day is going smashingly well. We spent the morning busied with our respective work. Hers: making dozens of drawings for me to display in my office. Mine: planning next semester's syllabi. She played outside in the leaves and looked for frogs and snails in the garden. We had lunch. Now she's deeply engrossed in more "work" (something involving a pattern of socks on the floor of my bedroom) and I'm taking a moment to blog before returning to work. It's a beautiful day outside, sunshine lighting up the leaves which remain on the trees, wind blowing more into the air, but it's quite cold so I'm content to watch it all from the kitchen table. I'm starting to finally recover and feel human again, so I don't mind working instead of relaxing. In fact, I'm actually enjoying it.

It's never easy to be on your own all day with a preschooler though, especially when you're working. She knows I have to work and is being very good about letting me do it, but there are many interruptions nonetheless. I'm managing to remain uncharacteristically zen about it so far, and thus haven't really felt much frustration, but I know it won't last. I'll get tired, and so will she, and as her demands increase my patience will decrease, and my envy of my husband's evening at a nice restaurant with grownups will grow to epic proportions. But then I will stop and smile as I remember the added bonus of keeping her home with me today: NO NAP. And that means EARLY BEDTIME. And that leads to HAPPY MOMMY. (A happy mommy drinking a nice glass of wine and catching up on Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice!)


Shanna said...

Early bedtime, happy mommy, WINE and favorite shows are THE BEST way to spend an evening!!! Have a great one ;)

Kat said...

What time should I come over? My little one is in bed by 7 :) *clinking wine glasses*

BTW: I have a little sumtin' sumtin' for you over at my place.

Sparkliesunshine said...

I used to love those days when my mom let me stay home to hang out with her. Some of my favorite memories.

Though the adult beverage at the end of the day with Grey's sounds like my current type of evening.

followthatdog said...

Nice work. Sometimes those days together are the best way to get the kids back in order. Other times they leave me wondering why I ever left my office, but let's focus on the first on ok.