Monday, November 3, 2008

Go OBAMA!!!!!

Dear Republikins,

We can haz Uhmarika bak?



Ann said...

I'm so nervous about some crazy joke that is possibly being paid on us! I have been following, a tad too much, the polls and I'm just so dang nervous that The Bushies are going to say "Gotcha!!!".
They stole the election from Gore and I'm so scared it will happen with Obama.
I'm having family over for the election night coverage and I think I'm going to need a TRAQUILIZER!!!!
What are your plans for the evening?

followthatdog said...

I'm currently holding my breath waiting for the first results. The stories about people not being allowed to vote, being removed from the rolls already are making me anxious. I guess I should say more anxious. Then there's the crap going on in Ohio where they aren't recognizing correct legal ID. Aaaaarg! Please don't let those bastards steal another election. Pretty please.

kel said...

oh, Hai!

I love the "lolcats" spelling!!

Putz said...

what are you thinking about california's prop 8, as i see you are a californian