Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Of Sick Days and Sudafed

Wait, Kaza is blogging during the work week??? WHAT??? I know, I know, it's highly unusual these days. But I'm working from home because I have the head cold of the century. Actually it's not that bad really but I do feel pretty miserable and didn't have to be in the office so decided to work from home. AND keep the 3 1/2 year-old home with me. Which must mean that this virus has traveled to the brain and is causing mucho damage, because why on earth would I turn down my husband's offer to not only take her to school but leave her in after care until 5:00 because he has an afternoon meeting? I could have had nine hours alone at home. NINE HOURS. I'm sick, I have a mountain of work to do, and I could have had a glorious nine hours in which to work (okay, and blog and watch t.v. too). But I said no, let me keep her home with me. I think that makes me certifiable.

But seriously, she was so sweet nodding her head in reluctant agreement as her daddy told her that mommy needed to stay home and so he would take her to school and she would "get" to stay late to play. So when she then turned her head up at me after he walked out of the room and then begged to stay home with me, I melted. Had she thrown a tantrum instead, she would be at school right now. But she was in my arms, willing to go if I said she had to go but hoping that just maybe she could stay home with me. I confirmed that she was certain, reminding her that if she went to school she would get to play on the playground but if she stayed home with me she would be indoors all day because I needed to work and didn't feel well enough to take her out. She was sure. She wanted to stay home to take care of me and keep me company. And I couldn't stand the thought of her having a late day unnecessarily.

So here we are, two girls at home, doing our "work" and having a slow day in the middle of the week. And I feel much better now that I have my beloved Sudafed on board to relieve the awful congestion and sinus headache. I had to go to the pharmacy to buy it yesterday. I hate buying it, because the rigamarole makes you feel like a criminal, and the pharmacy staff always looks so serious during the whole transaction. I mean, do the drug addicts manage to realistically fake a head cold when they go to buy the stuff? I could not have looked more miserable: Kaza the red-nosed Mama, snuffling away, clutching multiple tissues to dab at my nose and eyes, croaking out my request for the only medicine that brings the relief I clearly needed.

It doesn't help that I'm one of those people who gets all nervous in such circumstances. I'm the one who freaks out when driving in front of a police or highway patrol car, hands firmly at 10 and 2, eyes darting between the road, the rearview mirror, and my speedometer, trying too hard to appear normal. So when I buy my decongestant, I feel this irrational need to explain myself. Which is crazy, because it is not illegal to buy pseudoephedrine for relief from cold symptoms. But I chatter away like a magpie, explaining that the new formulation does nothing for me (which is completely true, the stuff is shite and simply does not work), blah, blah, blah, while they fill out the paperwork and ask for my license and enter me into "the system." I only have to go through this two or three times a year during the cold season, but I dread it. The goddamn drug addicts have ruined it for the rest of us. A once-simple errand to grab some cold medicine has turned into a humiliating exercise in government surveillance. Truth be told, it pisses me off. So I should rant at the pharmacy techs instead. Except that I'm not so good at the public ranting. I'm more of the play-nice-to-get-what-I-need-and-then-rant-on-my-blog sort. Clearly.

In any case, I got it and slept peacefully last night and am now clear-nosed and clear-headed and can get some work done. The Little One is coloring and watching the Heffalump movie, so I had best stop blogging and get to it.

I owe two memes from so long ago that my taggers have no doubt lost all hope, and I was given a sweet award by my dear friend Sassy Irish Lassie (on whose blog I will be guest posting in a few days, my first time ever!), which I need to pass on to some bloggy friends, but it may be a few days yet before I can organize myself well enough to catch up on everything. I hope you all are having a good (and healthy!) week.


scargosun said...

Old School Sudafed ROCKS!

That other stuff does NOTHING! I always buy the 96-er pack and if they think I am a meth-head, too bad.

Glad you are feeling better and you are a COOL Mom to let her stay with you. :)

Meaghan said...

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catnip said...

You might be certifiable for that, but I completely understand. Maybe she just needed a day off too?

Btw, I have the keys to Kat's house too. ;)

Ann said...

I can NOT believe that you kept your little one with you today. You are stronger than I am. (I hate being sick. I'm such a wuss!)

I'm also someone who gets nervous.
If I see a police car behind me I constantly check my speedometer and my knuckles get white on the steering wheel. (I don't think you and I will be taking on anybody in a bar fight any time soon!)

John said...
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