Thursday, October 2, 2008

No, I Have Not Fallen off the Face of the Earth

It just feels (and seems to all of you!) that way. I'm getting tired of whining about work, but SRSLY people, it's insane. I've had it pretty good for a very long time (a decade of grad school, heh-heh!), so this is my first experience with understanding the phrase, "just not enough hours in the day." Because there AREN'T. If I could forgo sleep, I would, but I'm not built that way (especially at 41!).

I had to take this contract, which includes four distinct courses, two of which I've never taught before (known to us in the university world as "new preps"), and for career-advancement reasons I had to take another gig on top of that, so I'm overbooked. And I'm pumping out job apps for the new round of tenure-track jobs (my gig is temporary right now so I need to land a permanent job), and trying to get some papers published, all of which I have to do on my own time. If I were single and childless this would all work out fine, because I would work long hours and all weekend and get through it that way. But I'm not, and try as I might, there is only so much work that can be done after-hours.

BUT. I love my work, I really really do. And I'm grateful to have a job and hope my current contract won't be pulled out from underneath me. It's a crazy time in this country, the kind of time I never thought I'd see.

And we are PUMPED for the debate in this house tonight.... HOLLA!!! You all know I'm an Obama Mama, and I'm no fan of The Palin, so I cannot wait to see this. The Katie Couric interviews this week have told the real story, so now we'll see whether Palin's "cram sessions" will produce a good performance on the biggest test of her nascent political life.

At the moment I am sitting on my daughter's floor, waiting for her to fall asleep, wishing I had gone through with the latest round of sleep training last weekend instead of wimping out yet again, because I could be in the living room ready for the first minute of the debate but NOOOOO, I'm sitting here on the floor listening to her toss & turn and getting more irritated by the moment. Ahem.

Which reminds me: why is it so easy to watch Supernanny or Nanny 911 when they teach parents how to get kids to fall asleep by themselves and stay asleep in their rooms, but when it comes to my own kid I'm a marshmallow? All she has to do is tell me she's scared and that's it, I'm there. I remember my own childhood fears all too vividly. But eventually I've got to bite the bullet.

I should work all weekend to get myself caught up, but I think I need some time off even more. So don't be surprised if I manage to stop by to read and comment in the next few days. I've missed all of you and can't wait to read what you've been doing and thinking.


Does Anybody Hear Me said...

Thanks for mentioning the debate because I forgot it was on tonight! I am unsure as to who to vote for--I am more conservative than liberal...but just don't like the choice I have been given. And the economic crisis and the way it is being handled isn't making this an easy choice for me.

Glad to read that you are still out there!! I miss reading your posts!

Always Smiling said...

I know all about not enough hours being in the day. You wouldn't think they would pass by so fast, but they do.

We did watch the debate and it didn't change our minds on who to vote for. For the record, we are Democrats all the way.

Shanna said...

Awwww sleep stuff with the babies is hard! I feel for ya and hope your weekend smooths out a bit and you manage to get some good old fashioned rest in!

Oh, and thanks for following me ;)

catnip said...

I saw you stopped by last night! Happy to hear from you. :)

I'm sorry work is so crazy still, you know I know how that feels.

Ann said...

Kaza, you were the only one that laughed at "Palin want a cracker?"-"Maverick!"
I'm sorry about the sleeping situation. That part was always so frustrating for me.

Ronnica said...

Grad school is the easy years? Yikes! I'm just finishing up, and I don't think I've ever been this busy!

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day last week!