Monday, July 28, 2008

Six Random Things about Kaza

I owe Followthatdog (of From Stage Dives to Station Wagons) this meme, which I may have done wrong if the answers were supposed to be brief. They aren’t, so get comfortable people!

Six Random Things about Kaza:

1. Though I love to be tagged, I am like a deer in the headlights when I sit down to actually do a meme. My thoughts go something like this: “Six random things about me? … Uh… um… okay… thinkthinkthinkthink… uh, well… (mind completely blank, unable to come up with even one single random thing)… uuhhhhh...(I’m not kidding. Nothing. Nada. No ideas.)… um… come on Kaz, it’s not THAT hard... 6 measly things about yourself, you, the person you know best in the world… crap, maybe I should do this later… No! You need to do this now… Think, woman, think! Aaagh!” And so it goes. The same exact thing happens when anyone asks me my favorite anything, or my most embarrassing moment or whatever. Total blank. This even happens with simple things, like when my husband asks me EVERY NIGHT what I want for dinner. All food leaves my head right then and I can’t come up with a single idea.

2. In order to get the ideas flowing, all I have to do is walk away from the task and go do something mundane: pee, take a shower, do the dishes, something like that. Usually it only takes a few seconds for my mind to kick into gear and work on the problem. But it won’t work with just anything. The task has to be truly mindless, requiring no thought whatsoever, and I have to get through it uninterrupted (a difficult requirement to fulfill with a 3-year-old around). For instance, the idea to use my difficulty AS the first random thing? Came to me when I took a break to pee and was (miraculously) for once not interrupted by the Little One in the process.

3. I hate talking on the phone. I’m very chatty in person and in writing (hence the very existence of this blog!), but I just HATE communicating via phone. I avoid answering phone calls, and always check the caller ID before deciding whether or not to answer (I happen to believe that you have the right to decide when to be interrupted, even by family, and therefore should not feel obligated to answer if you are busy or just not in the mood to talk right then). I prefer email and getting together in person (preferably arranged via email rather than by phone). Because let’s face it, there are three types of people you talk to on the phone socially: those with whom you love to talk and could go on forever (so why not just get together?), those with whom you have little to talk about and thus the conversation is either going to devolve into meaningless small talk or drift off into horridly uncomfortable silences (so why not just email to keep in touch, if you must?), or those who chatteronandonandwon’tletyougetawordinedgewise
(so you avoid their calls altogether because you get enough of that form of torture already from your preschooler, thankyouverymuch). I’ve tried emailing those in my life who fall into this latter category, but find they are just as bad about the back-and-forth nature of emailing as they are with the concept of the social exchange known as a “conversation.”

4. Though I am a voracious reader and love reading more than any other activity, for some reason I can’t read in the morning. My eyes won’t focus, my mind won’t settle, and if I try to do it I end up just wanting to go back to sleep instead. But around 3:00 or so, all I want to do is curl up with a book and keep reading until I’m too hungry to go on. This never happens now that I’m a mama, but was my favorite way to spend the afternoon and early evening in my pre-mama days (and I liked to follow it up with another session of reading in bed after dinner, during commercials while watching something on t.v.).

5. (Uh-oh. I was on a roll there but I’m going blank again. But I don’t have to pee and already took a shower today, so I guess I’d better go wash a dish. But. I. Don’t. Want.To. Okay, I thought of one. Phew. Narrow escape from housework there.) I cannot truly enjoy drinking wine out of anything but a real wine glass. Don’t get me wrong, I WILL drink it out of a different receptacle, but there is a distinct diminishment in the experience if I have to sip it from an ordinary glass, and I am downright dissatisfied if I must drink out of plastic or (God forbid!) styrofoam. Call me a snob if you will, but trust me, even two-buck-chuck tastes better if served in the proper stemware.

6. I have a wicked sense of humor and a potty mouth, but people generally never suspect I have either of these qualities when they first meet me. Apparently I look like someone full of sugar and spice and everything nice, but I’m actually a sarcastic martini mom to the core.

There! I did it! Deer in the headlights no more. (Until my husband asks me what I want for dinner, which should happen any minute now so I really should start thinking about food. Food... umm... what would be good? Um.... Nothing. Nada. Aaagh! Deer in the headlights again!)

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I am tagging the following, but I’m not sure if this meme has been around for awhile, so if you’ve done it before, no pressure to do it again (but feel free to put the link to your previous meme post in the comments).

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followthatdog said...

Awesome. And no, brief answers were not part of the deal. Just great ones, like you posted!

Adriane said...

So some of my answers were not as long and well worded as yours, but I did it. So there.

Mekhismom said...

What a wonderful way to get to know you better. Thanks for the ah hehm thorough answers!

Does Anybody Hear Me said...

You didn't tag me, but I will TRY to do this 'random thing' anyway. I don't do well under pressure....random and witty about ME?? Well those two things just don't mix. LOL

And people think the same about me that they do you...that I am sugar and spice. I have no idea why they would think that. I guess they could think worse things....

IRISHKAT said...

Thinking.... thinking... yeah um, I have that deer in headlight thing too. Hmmmm. I will do it I promise. Maybe if I fold the laundry I can get some ideas!

catnip said...

That was the first meme I ever did - well it was 7 things, but close enough. :)

Tiffany said...

I think we were separated at birth. Or maybe it's the California connection....all these fit me to a tee.

I love email, as now I don't have to use the phone...

ali said...

I'm so not a phone person either! Neither is my husband so when we built our new house last year, we never bothered putting in a phone. We just use our cell phones. Great list! I put mine up yesterday!

Mrs. Tantrum said...

I agree about the wine needing to be in a wine glass. Although the whole two buck chuck thing makes me throw up in my mouth. So I guess I am a wine snob, but I am okay with that. I am going to run in 4 years for president on my potty mouth platform. I have the shirts ready "Potty Mouth Momma For President" I think it will work. Don't you?

Crazy Momma said...

Love the humor! Hysterical!

Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and sharing the SITS love!