Monday, July 7, 2008

I Would Have Had a New Post Up Sooner, but I Broke My Eyes

Okay, so I didn't actually break my eyes. It only felt that way. A week ago I spent the entire day reading blogs. As in at least 8 hours at the computer with very few breaks. And then I followed that up with two or three hours of reading in bed by my dim bedside light (it was the hubster's poker night so I was able to indulge my inner bookworm more completely than usual). Once upon a time this would not have been a problem, but my friends, I am almost 41 years old, and my eyes aren't working like they once did. So I ended up with the worst case of eye strain I've ever had, and couldn't use the computer for more than a brief 20 minutes in the morning without my eyes going completely wonky. This lasted pretty much all week, especially after I tempted fate on the one morning when they felt better by blogging and reading blogs for three or four hours in a row (can you say "addict"?). I was beginning to worry that I actually had "broken" my eyes. OR that this was actually a sign of a brain tumor or a terrible neurological condition. Because that's how we roll here at Casa de Kaza (otherwise known as Health Anxieties R Us).

I soon began to imagine my life without reading, which is not only a significant part of my professional life but is also my personal passion. Life without reading? Incomprehensible. I became irritable and despondent just imagining it.

BUT fortunately the hubster talked me down off the ledge and convinced me it was just eye strain, and, after a few days of eye rest, and reading only while using my two pairs of magnification glasses (one for reading and one for computer work, both of which are cheap, uncomfortable, and exceedingly outdated but even so somewhat functional), AND severely limiting my reading time, both on and off the computer (the horror!), my eyes seem to have recovered.

It's time to face facts: I am officially middle-aged, and I therefore need bifocals and a new pair of computer glasses. But at least my eyes aren't broken. (Phew!)

P.S. Thanks to all of you who gave me so much comment love on my last post! I was geeking out with excitement, I know, but I really appreciate the warm congratulations. I am so loving the blogosphere and all of my new bloggy friends.


catnip said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. You still have to keep reading my blog though ;)

Love your new digs - the makeover is beautiful!

followthatdog said...

Beautiful new blog make over.
Hope your eyes are feeling better.

Does Anybody Hear Me said...

I am glad you are feeling better and able to read again!! I read all day long...I will read absolutely anything and feel lost when I can't read for some reason.
And I think 40-41 is the magical age for getting bifocals. It was for me. I am 43 now and blind as a bat without my glasses!

Kaza said...

Thanks you guys. I still need to get to the eye doc, but am making do with my old reading and computer glasses for now. I do wear distance vision glasses already, but need additional "support" for these more intensive close-up things now. Aging sucks, but it beats the alternative!!!