Sunday, June 15, 2008

To the Hubster

Happy Father's Day, you big lug. The night that our daughter was born, when I saw her tiny little swaddled form in your arms (our little burrito!), I fell in love with you all over again, but deeper than ever before. Watching you with our baby was nothing short of completely amazing. You are a fantastic daddy to our little one, and it still warms my heart today to watch you with her. I know it can be rough when she pushes you away, as she's still a mama's girl, but the daddy's girl days are more frequent now, and she misses you so when you're away at work.

I hope you enjoyed your day today. We love you more than either of us can ever find the words to say. 


Kaza & The Little One


NedaAnn said...

So very sweet!

followthatdog said...

Awww. We used to call my older son "the angry burrito" because he hated being swaddled so much. He looked like a big Mission burrito with a screaming red head on top. Poor baby.