Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Say Hello to My Leetle Frieend....

I'm so excited, because my husband finally agreed to let me post one of his little doodles. Every now and then he relaxes by messing around with one of the computer drawing programs, which mostly results in nothing whatsoever. But one day he was thinking about something the little one used to say when she was first starting to really talk, and he made this little guy.

The little one would say "What's that stinky?" whenever she smelled anything at all, even something good, so it became a joke in our house. She gets the difference now. (Well, sort of. The other day we walked by a garden of beautiful lilies and she said "Oooh, Mama, look, smelly flowers!")

I think Mr. Stinky will make a perfect first Twitter avatar, don't you?