Friday, May 23, 2008

Wireless Purgatory and Haircuts

Why, oh why is my wireless connection doing this to me?  Actually it's our whole DSL connection, acting like dial-up, taking us back to the stone ages of the internet.  So I've been deprived for hours now, and suffering the DTs of internet withdrawal.  

The little one had a rough time of it again tonight, scaring me with her asthma-like cough.  But she was finally able to get back to sleep.  She had a great day, all cute and helpful and driving me a little crazy with the shadowing me all over the house, but at least she's on the mend.  We both got haircuts today, and she SAT IN THE CHAIR ALL BY HERSELF!!! For the very first time.  Now, it took her forever to get hair at all (she was the baldest baby ever, at least after we shaved her little monk thing, but that's a confessional for another post altogether so please do not yell at me about this right now... I can explain, I swear!), so she only had her first haircut at 2 1/2, and that one took place on my lap.  Today, when the stylist asked if she wanted to come with her, she trotted off like the biggest girl ever and allowed herself to be lifted up on to the booster seat on the chair, and even allowed the apron, which she had already told me she DID NOT WANT, and grinned away as her hair was cut. She remained shy, which is her sweet nature, so whenever Betsy asked a question she would whisper the answer so softly that I had to translate each response, but she really was such a brave, big girl. Of course I never get pictures of these moments, because I'm way too airheaded about these things to think to bring a camera. (We didn't even get the first haircut shot.  I know.  Shoot me now.)

Anyway, she had her little hair trim, and then Betsy asked if she wanted a braid, and the Little One's eyes got as big as saucers as she nodded. Betsy gave her a french braid of all things, which is so cute but this hair-dressing-impaired mother's heart sank as I realized that my child would be wanting such a braid in the future and I will just not be able to deliver. It gave me flashbacks of the hours I spent in junior high trying to learn how to create these braids, which seemed oh-so-sophisticated at the time. I am not kidding when I say I have no hair talent whatsoever. It takes me ten full minutes to get a simple ponytail in my child's hair, because I just cannot figure out how to keep all of the hair combed down just right before tying the damn thing. So my kid comes home from nursery school half the time with some teacher or aide's handiwork evident on her head, a re-do of my lame attempt from the morning. Whatever!

The good news is that both daughter (me) and granddaughter (the Little One) are coiffed for the mother's (mine) visit. Normally I would be as disheveled as ever, and my mother would take great delight in getting me all fixed up, but I am determined to prove that I can actually keep myself in working order (even if I actually can't).  


catnip said...

What a sweet story! Your daughter sounds precious. I hope you have a good visit with your mom, and I REALLY hope your dsl getter better soon!

I hope you don't mind I tagged you for a meme!

NedaAnn said...

Isn't it amazing when you see them do something so grown up. Trinity will only go to one hair stylist, but it is worth the ungodly $20 I shell out for the haircut, because she sits so nice and her haircut is straight. Trinity's thing is having her hair straightened. She has curly hair and her stylist will blow it straight, which Trinity thinks is all that. Enjoy your mom's visit.