Friday, May 30, 2008

What's on the Grill?

We're understandably grill obsessed now, so we're trying to grill every single night.

Wednesday we did a huge filet of salmon on a cedar plank and also grilled not only the zucchini but the sourdough baguette as well. Mmmmm. Upon taking that first bite of salmon I said, "Now that's the flavor I've been missing for the last two years!" Yes, that's right folks, we have been without barbecued food (except for eating at the crazy-good BBQ joints here in the South) for two years. And we were used to barbecuing as much as we wanted, all year long. So it's been serious deprivation. And the salmon is my favorite, cooked low & slow so it's basically smoked to a perfect tender medium. It is on my list of foods of the gods.

Last night's menu was simple (inspired by our little one): grilled hot dogs, grilled buns, all the fixins. Unfortunately we didn't like the dogs we had decided to try. I need to figure out how to get Dodger Dogs here. (If you have never had a Dodger dog, preferably at Dodger stadium right out of the steamer, you simply have not lived. If you're going to L.A. for any reason, make a point of going to a game, if only to eat the hot dogs. I'm serious.)

Tonight's menu? Well, the hubster was in the mood for Mexican (my all time favorite and chief comfort food, so I was pleased), so we had planned to grill both steak and chicken for soft tacos, but he left the chicken behind at the self-checkout at the store, so it'll just be steak. (Which will be a bit excessive for me because I ate the leftover filet bits from our trip the other night to the new local Japanese steakhouse, but hey, I'm on vacation!) The best part is hubs' homemade salsa.

Tomorrow will be baby back ribs and corn on the cob. If you've never grilled corn, you must try it. The flavor is unbelievable. Even people who don't like it boiled often love it grilled. We like to drizzle it with Mexican crema and sprinkle it with lemon or lime and a bit of cayenne.

One of these days I'll get my act together enough to attempt photos of the food and post them, but I'm not that organized yet. I'm still trying to figure out how to hyperlink websites and such, which I really need to do before I post my (very first!) meme from Catnip (see, I have no idea how to hyperlink to her site! I'm such a newbie!!! Can you feel the greenness? Come to think of it, this template is a very appropriate hue), which I shall do over the weekend. 

Happy Friday everyone! Cheers!

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