Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things I Don't Like to Eat

I had a sudden realization the other day: I am 40 years old and I don't have to eat a food I don't like, no matter how good it is for my body (or how much cheaper it is than my preferred item, as in #3 below). This may seem obvious to everyone else, but it was a revelation to me for some reason. Because I have actually wasted energy trying to like certain foods because I thought I should, or that with enough exposure I would. I'm not talking ridiculously disgusting foods like liver or anything like that. Eeew. I would not waste one nanosecond of my life even smelling liver ever again (if it's up to me, anyway), much less tasting that vile "food." Here's what I'm talking about:

I do not like (in no particular order):

1. Raisins.
And I have tried to like them, because they're good for you. Nature's candy and all that rot. Sorry, have tried them in all forms a million times and I just don't like them. I'll take my grapes in the form of wine, thank you very much.

2. Oats
I don't hate oats really, but I don't enjoy eating oatmeal, or oatmeal raisin cookies, or any cereal with oat clusters. If you happen to be a horse, your dinner is safe with me.

3. Beer
I was never bothered by not liking beer much (though according to family lore, as a kid I really enjoyed sneaking sips of my dad's afternoon beer, and I have a dim memory of drinking a small bit of beer in a dixie cup occasionally, given to me to taste by my parents who lacked the typical Puritanical notion that alcohol should not touch the lips of a minor before the age of 21... but I digress). But after moving here in '06 and discovering to our horror that wine was astonishingly expensive compared to the Trader Joe's deals we'd been enjoying for years in California, I decided to give beer another try. It's just not my poison.

4. Graham crackers
I'm assuming my absolute hatred of them is directly connected to overdosing in childhood, for I distinctly remember eating them slathered with peanut butter and jelly. Now I cannot stand them and even refuse to eat so much as one teddy graham no matter how sweetly offered by my little one. Not even to encourage her generosity and good sharing behavior. Nope. And I loathe the graham cracker crust of cheesecake. How to ruin an otherwise luscious dessert? Put the silky filling on top of a layer of what tastes to me like pre-masticated burned graham crackers. Eeew. (Though I admit I will eat a thousand graham crackers before I'll touch a bite of liver.) Again, this one has no connection to health so I'm really straying from the path of my theme here, but that is my prerogative as the creator of the list.

5. Carrots
This one I have really worked hard to overcome. Because we're supposed to eat carrots. They're good for vision and all kinds of things. But I just don't like them. Not raw, not cooked, not even if slathered in dip or dressing or a yummy sauce. But there is an odd exception here: I do love carrot-ginger-dill soup. Explain that one. I can't.

6. Natural cereals
They taste like birdseed or rabbit food. Need I say more?

7. Apples
Same as the carrot thing. And most especially applesauce. I used to like apple pies or pastries, but then I developed a craving for this sort of treat during pregnancy and must have eaten way too many because now I can't even eat them in dessert.

Well, that's all I can think of for now, and my husband is home with the groceries, so gotta go. I'll add more at another time. The point here is that I believe you should eat what you like and not eat what you don't. So this is my list of what I will not bother trying to like ever again. So there.


Belinda said...

My problem with beer is similar to my problem with coffee (that's right, I'm a freak who doesn't like coffee): I DO NOT BELIEVE IN 'ACQUIRED TASTES.' What is the point? If something has zero nutritional value (I'm looking at you, beer), then if it doesn't taste good the FIRST time you try it, I say life is too short, and why bother? No coffee, no alcohol...no, I'm not Mormon, I'm just picky.

And also, regarding raisins as "Nature's candy?" Raisins are Nature's sucker-punch. Blecchh. Dried cranberries, however, are heavenly.

Kaza said...

Exactly!!! Screw acquired tastes! Besides, I have enough tastes already acquired, as my waistline demonstrates daily.

Ditto on the cranberries, I adore them as well. BTW, the end of my attempts at liking raisins happened recently when my husband (who is a great cook, I swear) put TONS of them in the couscous at dinner, RUINING my enjoyment of said dish. But cranberries would have been perfect.

Thanks for commenting on my blog! That makes you my very first real commenter (I think my first one, many months ago, was actually trying to solicit my business.) Of course you may be my only commenter ever, but that's okay. I'm honored.

catnip said...

Dude. We get scarily more and more alike as I read. I hate all those things.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I hate raisins. Who puts food out in the sun, lets it get black and shriveled up, and then comes back and eats it. That's just WRONG