Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Teddy Graham Quality Control Central

The little one, who is still battling her ear infection (along with cough, cold, and a new ache or pain announced to me every hour or so), has had trouble finding something she wants to eat today. Not that this is a unique problem for her. But when she's not feeling well, she seems to subsist on... well, nothing much at all. Throughout the morning she has made various requests (Cheerios, a blueberry waffle, a banana, raisins), but hadn't eaten more than a bite of anything until she found the teddy grahams in a bowl left out from yesterday. I was certain she wouldn't like them, for teddy grahams turn to stale mush after only a few hours out of the bag or box, and picky eaters like mine typically reject anything that isn't the PRECISE texture/temperature/shape/color that they have come to expect. (A typical example would be her rejection of the Spongebob mac & cheese last night, which really annoyed me because I gave her the choice and she jumped up and down with excitement at the very idea of Spongebob mac & cheese but upon seeing the actual stuff in the bowl she turned up her nose and refused to eat them. Had she not been sick I would have let her go without dinner, but I took the extra effort to make the shapes talk to her and they managed to coax her into eating a few of them, clever things.)

So, back to the enthralling teddy grahams. She ate them. And asked for more. (And I know you mothers out there know how excited I was when she asked for more. Because not only would my sick little one finally get something in her empty tummy, but, more importantly, the whining (about hunger anyway) would finally STOP. For the next twenty minutes at least. An hour if I'm lucky.) She ate a second snackbowl full of TGs, but what cracked me up was that she brought me her "rejects" three times. Apparently it would be unacceptable or possibly even dangerous to eat two teddy grahams that became welded together in processing. And particularly egregious was the teddy who had not been fully cut out of the dough, so that he was a teddy shape in a circle of dough.

I may be posting a lot today. I'm catching up on months of blog reading and will no doubt be inspired to post. At the same time I'm catching up on months of stuff on the DVR. After finishing the latest season of ER (which I think was one of the best ever, along with the last few seasons that followed the Abby-Luka story arc from when they first started messing around again a season or two ago to their reconciliation in the season finale this month), I decided to record the entire first season on TNT and am watching them all today. The clear advantage of being home with a recovering kid is that you have a great excuse to avoid your real work and to instead indulge in otherwise guilty pleasures. (And after all the necessary OTC meds, then finally eating, then finally pooping, the little one is contentedly engrossed in play, so I'm truly free to indulge, woo-hoo!)


Belinda said...

My favorite horse LOVES Teddy Grahams, and I don't think he's ever inspected them visually. You can send all the rejects to us.

Kaza said...

Ha-ha! We'll round-em up for you!

By the way, I read your account of Montrachet's passing last night while my daughter was falling asleep and it really moved me. He was a beautiful horse.

catnip said...

I used to love ER - but I fell off it last season - I'll have to go back and watch what I've missed in reruns. Did you hear Noah Wylie is coming back for part of next (and the last) season?