Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stuck at Home with Sick Child

Yep, it was a confirmed ear infection. The ped took one look in that ear and went "eeew, yuk!" and immediately began scribbling his prescription. Fortunately the little one is feeling good today. A little too good: she was wide awake before 4 a.m. and just could not get back to sleep. No pain, no fever, just AWAKE. I gave in at 5 and set her up with JoJo's Circus and her comfy pink chair and tried to catch a few more zzz's myself on the couch. By 7 she was hopping about like a jumping bean, all too full of energy. Reaction to the antibiotic? Immune system ramping up to fight the infection? Massive influx of energy after 30 hours of feeling punky? I have no idea. All I know is that I really feel for parents with clinically hyperactive children, because I have no idea how to handle a 3 year old run amok.

So the good news is that she's on the mend and I got a wee bit more sleep than the previous night, but the bad news is that her antibiotic can cause sun sensitivity so I can't let her run off some of this excess energy outside. This makes her sad and me sadder.

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