Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let the Bug Stories Begin!

That's right folks, summer is beginnin' here in the South, so whether you like it or not, ye shall be regaled with ye old bug tales now and then!  Tonight I let the little one out briefly (I'm not a mean jailkeeper here, it's just that her current antibiotic makes her sun sensitive so I have to be restrictive), and as I gazed out yonda' toward the woods (our house backs onto a patch of woods, which is both a blessing and a curse), I saw a cluster of tiny bugs hovering there in the air.  Just hanging out, as if having a bug convention, enjoying the first blast of humidity (unlike me).  What the hell?  We have no such thing in California people.  (Not in the parts I'm from, anyway.)  I was just grateful that the bug convention wasn't in my yard... yet.  

So then I was walking oh so innocently to the kitchen just now and an odd shape caught my attention in my peripheral vision, and sure enough, there was a GIGANTIC spider on my carpet yet again.  The invasion began a few weeks ago, and we've been spider killin' ever since.  Sadly, my 3-year-old is often the one to call our attention to the latest invader.  But at least she's been well schooled on NOT TOUCHING.  

In California, we were avid participants in the catch-and-release technique of sensitive spider-handling.  But not here.  If you've never lived in the South, you would not BELIEVE the size of the spiders we have found in our house.  They don't quite rival the infamous spiders of my in-laws tales from their days in the Congo years ago, but they're much larger than anything I've seen in my life.  Then again, we California people are wimps regarding such things.  We don't know from bugs, if I'm quoting this saying correctly.  (You will find that I often mangle sayings and quotes and aphorisms and such, and that I often mix my metaphors.  I'm hoping you will find this charming rather than annoying.  But I can promise you that I will almost always spell things correctly, and all normal expressions will be correct.  For example, the expression is "all of a sudden," NOT "all of the sudden," no matter what my husband may insist.)  But I digress. Again.

I'm about to head off to bed (yeah, right, we all know I'll be reading blogs until my eyes cross). But first, thanks to all of you who visited my blog today and especially those who commented.  It means more to me than you will ever know, and I promise I will visit each of your blogs in return very soon.  

Update on the little one: sleeping peacefully, so I may get another night of rest.  How on earth did I ever survive months of sleep deprivation when she was a baby?  (For those of you with babies, it may be of little comfort now, but rest assured that the mind-numbing sleep deprivation will pass, and one day you will sleep again and then complain like a little whiner when you lose a few night's sleep, just like me!)

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NedaAnn said...

I hate bugs, with a passion. I scream like a sissy when confronted with anything larger than a mosquito. It's settled I could never live in the south.