Thursday, May 29, 2008

Force of Nature

We are now in serious recovery mode from my parents visit. Why do I always assume that the little one will be so entertained by grandparents that I will finally get things done or get to relax? I am fooled every time. Somehow it's always more work for me instead. Neither the hubby nor I have parents who are the get-down-on-the-floor kind of grandparents. They prefer for their grandchildren to mill about around them, doing normal activities in their presence. Though they do spoil their grandkids -- big time -- with all of the usual excesses of sugar and material wonders. We too are spoiled by various excesses: expensive dinners, accoutrements for the house, and in this case, two nights at their (very nice) hotel. Let's just say that my mother is a force of nature who makes things happen. And I figure, why not? Now that I'm a parent I get it. I only hope we will have the resources one day to continually do things for our own kid(s?).

Now it is time to detox from the excesses of the past few days and get back to (or rather, into) our summer routine. Which will now involve a LOT of grilling, because our back patio is now graced with this:

Like I said, we too were spoiled!


bipolarlawyercook said...

Wow. Anytime you want to send her over my way, I will be glad to entertain. : )

catnip said...

Sweet! My MIL may clean but she never gave us anything like that!

NedaAnn said...

I get so jealous of generous, nice MILs. Mine likes pictures of her grandchildren, but not actually the hassle of 'being' with her grandchildren. Sort of sad, but I'm used to it now.

Kaza said...

I know, seriously, right? Gotta love my mother's willingness to spend the cash. My father meanwhile freaks out with each purchase or check, though in the end he's always glad about it. We're lucky in that both of our parents are incredibly generous.

NedaAnn: Sorry! Is your mom in the picture? Our parents aren't the playing kind, nor do they babysit much when they visit, but they do like to spend time en famille.