Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mama, Remember Lesterday When...?

Everything in the past is "lesterday" to Gigi. And it's amazing how long her memory is, so it's confusing when she begins the sentence this way, triggering only your short-term memory, and then goes on to reference something from many months ago, even over a year ago now. But that's the mind of an almost-preschooler: the past is yesterday, the future is tomorrow, and what matters most is NOW. You say, "Should we go to the park later?" and her immediate response is, "Now?" and you explain "No, later, in a little while." Which to her is "tomorrow" and way too far away. But she's beginning to understand the subtlety, as long as we can ground it in something having stability and regularity, like breakfast, school, lunch, dinner, bathtime, jammie time, storytime, bedtime.

Today I ventured to teach her more about "lesterday," telling her she could say "remember that time when..." instead. She usually picks things up immediately, so we'll see if she comes out with it later today.

She's also really into trying to say things correctly. Recently, it was the word "blue." She said it the old way first, "boo," and when I said blue (not trying to correct her at all, just asking if I'd understood her), she then corrected herself, slowly enunciating "bllllue" and beaming with pride (as I did I!). Now she periodically goes around the house saying "bllllue," and is adding new pronunciations every week. It's bittersweet for me, as always. We mamas are so thrilled when our little ones learn each new thing, yet we are also sad to bid adieu to yet one more part of our babies and then toddlers. Fortunately this one-way journey keeps getting better, so the loss is quickly healed as we come to know more about this little person we love more than anything in life.

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Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I miss the way my girl's said words funny. Kj used to say "fixits" for fix it... and causebe instead of because. KA still says "patterin" for pattern.