Thursday, January 3, 2008

Let's Get it Started in Here...

That's right baby... Obama won Iowa tonight! I had been a bit torn for awhile, probably like many women my age, wanting to support Hilary because she's our first truly viable woman candidate, but drawn to Obama because he seems to represent our best chance for real change. Lately I've really been leaning toward Obama, so I found myself cheering for him tonight and really pleased by the outcome.

It's also the start of a new year, and I feel good about it. Today my little one went back to nursery school, a welcome change after the craziness of the holidays. She had a good day, and I was taken aback by the intensity of missing her, which only hit me the moment I picked her up from school.

She's in another mommy-mommy-mommy phase right now, which is always flattering but also difficult because her need for me is constant. I know it will pass, and that soon she'll be independent again, but for the moment she's glued to me. Maybe it was the holidays, with the loss of normal routines, the excitement of Santa, the fun of family visiting... all of which she enjoyed but at the same time, it must have turned her world upside down a bit.

As for me, I feel like I had no rest whatsoever, in spite of my hopes and plans for the break. I have a week left, but there's far too much to do to prepare for the new semester, so my ideas of relaxation, fun, and organization of the house are falling by the wayside. I thought I might catch up all the movies and t.v. shows saved on my DVR, but that hasn't happened. I wanted to organize my home office, but I would need at least two days for that project. I'll have to settle for a little of this and a bit of that. Where did all of those hours go that I once had to rest, to read, to watch movies, to organize an entire closet? But that was during graduate school, in subsidized graduate housing, humble and without air conditioning, but also without utility bills, and before motherhood.

I wouldn't go back though. I had so much time, so much freedom, but I didn 't have my little love, my "Gigi." And she is everything. As I write, she is sleeping, and I miss her. It is quiet, and I can write in peace, but I miss her.

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