Saturday, August 4, 2007

On the Cusp of Turning 40

I'm thinking about my upcoming birthday more often lately, as it's a big milestone birthday. Remembering how dismal my 30th birthday was (I had just moved to a new city and didn't know anyone, and was quite broke, and my car was still in my old city, so I not only had no money, I also had no transportation), I decided I should really celebrate this one properly. The trouble is, I seem to find myself in a somewhat similar situation: living somewhere still new to me, where I do know a few people but not very well yet, and we're on this annoying tight budget, etc.

So, I chucked the party idea out the window, and will probably go for a much calmer celebration, something good like maybe taking off for the day on my own, something I don't ever get to do anymore. I'll be needing a few minor additions to my rather sparse work wardrobe (one doesn't somehow acquire much in the way of professional clothing during grad school), so maybe I'll do a bit of discount shopping. And spend an hour or so browsing at the bookstore. We don't yet have a trusted babysitter, so I don't think we'll be going out for dinner, unless we go en famille. Gigi is pretty good in restaurants now, so it's not entirely unthinkable (unlike last year, when we really should have stayed at home; Gigi screamed and fussed through much of our dinner out that night and we ended up fighting over how to best handle the situation). Or we could just cook something great and eat and drink ourselves silly.

But this isn't what I meant to write about. I was just realizing lately that maybe, just maybe, I may be seeing signs of finally growing up. The evidence is in the smallest things. In this case, in my changing taste in inane television. Though I hesitate to admit this, the first hint came when I could no longer stomach The Real World, a show I had followed religiously for its first decade. I continued to watch out of habit for a few seasons more, but when I realized it was more painful than entertaining, I just let it go.

But now I can't watch even fairly good t.v. if it's about the angst of singles in their 20s or 30s. I tried the first two episodes of a certain new Lifetime show all about one 30-something woman's search for love and meaning; it was a show I once would have truly enjoyed, but I was completely disinterested.

Can you say, not in the target demographic anymore? (Actually, I haven't been in the major target demographic for quite a few years, but my taste in television was rather immature for my age for a very long time.) I'm beginning to understand why older people love crime shows so much.

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